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With that as background, what does the quintessential Supernode portfolio company look like? We like to see that there is something more defensible than just a brand.

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Our first investment was Choosy. We took a bet on them pre-seed; we thought the company was super interesting: using proprietary technology to scrape data on social media and gauge consumer interest in real time. They had done calls with customers, they had talked to customers in malls. They had a beta product online and had served customers and proven out their theory that they could do that. That was one thing I loved about them — they were scrappy and they were hungry.

We have what we call our Founder Capability Matrix. There are six qualities that we look for in a founder — in addition to all the usual VC markers. The characteristics may be familiar to any good investor, but the difference is how we get to the answers. I love that type of person. And those are just a few of the Founder Capabilities we look for. Jenny can walk into a situation having to do with fundraising and identify what the holes are, what needs to be explained better, and who to contact.

We also do this with customers. For example, last summer I did a deep dive on traditional meat alternatives and spent months in diligence out to anyone with affiliation or knowledge in the space whether that meant entrepreneurs, sector-focused VCs, non-profits, researchers, academia, etc. Doing a deep dive in a relatively nascent domain — in this case, cellular agriculture and synthetic biology — an area that requires so much time and education, makes my job all the more exciting. You become so fascinated, passionate, and immersed in a disruptive trend and genuinely feel a part of the inner circle of a community with a shared belief that said theme will ultimately have a metamorphic impact on society.

Jenny, you said earlier you were focused on doing venture in New York rather than San Francisco — what drove that? Friedman: My bet is on the tech verticals here. NYC also has a very manageable ecosystem. My relationships continue to strengthen as we co-invest with VCs in the same syndicates. My bet is on the tech verticals here.

Most of our deals are going to be here. We have 2 non-New York, soon to be 3. I do most of the fundraising, and she does most of the deal raising. Now a year later that number has increased probably tenfold.

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My deep dives have made me a huge fan of cold outreach either via email or LinkedIn. We found our first deal from another VC. Choosy was the rare example of a situation in which another VC passed it to us as it was too early, but it was a very quality deal and we were immediately impressed by the team and its vision.

Regulations are changing in New York where electric bikes and scooters are currently illegal. Touby: How little positive feedback there is on an everyday basis. VCs get no love.

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I miss being in power, when I was in a media-related company — when I picked up the phone at Business Week , a public company CEO would feel obliged to take the call. Beyond that, I wish I had known how little work other VCs do on diligence. I had thought that other VCs do diligence, but I have been shocked when I have asked for their diligence in order to do a syndicate with them. How little positive feedback there is on an everyday basis. Friedman: It can be pretty political. Even very well established funds still have this challenge.

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If a founder has the ability to be choosy when putting together his or her syndicate for one reason or another, i. This is where differentiating yourself as a micro VC becomes very important. Larger funds that have been around for a while face competition too from other established VCs as they can be unwilling to waver from their particular mandates.

Sometimes people laugh when I say the VC community is collaborative. It is to an extent. They want to get her into the deal. Friedman: Earlier I spoke about my extensive network and my ability to leverage it. Friedman: Laurel is the ultimate connector and has done an incredible job making a name for our relatively new fund. She really is a community builder. I keep in touch with people by inviting them to do fun stuff in our space — we have a 4, square foot loft, which we use as an asset. We invite people to our deal dinners and fund dinners or hot sauce dinners — something fun, something with flair.

Jenny and I are very similar in this way.

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We follow each other on social media, we text. We stay in close touch with them. Touby: We stay in close touch with them and consequently they feel more comfortable with us and they tell us stuff early, so there are no surprises. Our partnership has deepened, if anything. Press Resources.

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